Description:  The Arista DCS-7148SX-R 10 GbE (SFP +) Data Center Switch has 48 Ports, a 960Gbps Throughput, and 720Mpps Packets/Second. The DCS-7148SX-R also has a 1200 nsec Latency, a Dual-Core x86 CPU, and a 2 GB System Memory.

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Warranty: 1 year Networking-Hardware Warranty Included
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Repairs: We offer repair service for the DCS-7148SX-R.
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About DCS-7148SX-R

Product Overview:

The Arista Catalyst DCS-7148SX-R belongs to the Arista 7148SX series. The switch has intelligent and advanced features like high performance, layer 2, 3 or 4 of ultra-low latency. This is 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch. The switch has 48 SFP+ ports. The latency is as low as 1200 nanoseconds.

Power Supply:

Power is supplied to the Arista Catalyst DCS-7148SX-R through AC mains. The maximum power supply provided to the switch is 760W AC. The power is supplied to the 48 SFP+ ports of the switch. The rated voltage supplied has a value of 100-240 VAC.

Power Consumption:

Typical maximum power consumption by the switch is 600W of AC power supply. Power consumption during full operation is measured to be 650W.

Power Capacity:

The maximum input power capacity that the Arista Catalyst DCS-7148SX-R can sustain of the AC power source is 760W with 0.94A current.


The Arista Catalyst DCS-7148SX-R is having 48 ports. The operating system of the switch is accessible by the Linux tools. The switch has rear to front air flow. 1 USB port is available in the Arista Catalyst DCS-7148SX-R. The CPU used for the Arista Catalyst DCS-7148SX-R is 32-bit dual core.

Technical Specifications:

Technically, the Arista Catalyst DCS-7148SX-R has 960 Gbps throughput. The value of rack unit is 1. The optimal Operating Altitude is measured to be 0 to 10.000 feet. The maximum weight of the switch is 29 pounds or 13.2 Kg.

Technical Support and Services:

The replacement of the hardware is possible, if you find any issue regarding the operation. We facilitate our customer with technical maintenance of the switch. The service is available around the clock.

Additional Information:

The eos (end of sale) has been declared officially by Arista for the Arista Catalyst DCS-7148SX-R that is June 20, 2013. The customer can make an order for this product till December 20, 2013.  So, it is impossible to buy this switch Arista Catalyst DCS-7148SX-R from Arista after the above described date (eos). We resolve this issue by providing remanufactured parts of the Arista at 50 percent less prices with one-year complete warranty. Besides this, our configuration or guide manual for the Arista Catalyst DCS-7148SX-R is also available to assist you.


Technical specifications


Data Center Switch


10 GbE (SFP +)



1200 nsec

Dual-Core x86

2 GB

2 GB


2 (1+1 redundant)

5 (N+1 redundant)

760 W


50/60 Hz


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Common misspellings: