Description:  The Arista DCS-7148SX-F 10 GbE (SFP +) Data Center Switch has 48 Ports, a 960Gbps Throughput, and 720Mpps Packets/Second. The DCS-7148SX-F also has a 1200 nsec Latency, a Dual-Core x86 CPU, and a 2 GB System Memory.

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About DCS-7148SX-F


Product Overview:

The Arista DCS-7148SX-F switch has broken the ground because of its two utilitarian features: one of the highest performing switches of this category and ultra-low latency layer (10 Gigabit Ethernet data center). Arista 48 1/10GbE ports 7148S/SX switches can be called an all-rounder with features like compact 1RU chassis, front-to-rear airflow and redundant power and cooling. All the ports of Arista DCS-7148SX-F smartnet are compatible with the entire range of 10GbE SFP+ or GbE SFP copper or optical physical layer options. This DCS-7148SX-F feature helps in the maximum possible flexibility. DCS-7148SX-F customer support allows a brilliant customer supports where each customer can upgrade from Gigabit to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.


This Arista DCS-7148SX-F switch runs on an excellent speed of 960 Gigabits per second (Gbps) (up to) and is compatible with Up to 720 Million packets/second. The switching system of this DCS-7148SX-F protocol is Hardware based Layer 2/3. There’s one more reason for you to buy DCS-7148SX-F switch, is its incredibly low latency rate; 900 nanosecond.

Operating System:

Stateful fault containment (SFC), Fine-grained modularity, truly modular network OS and Stateful fault repair (SFR) are 4 prominent Operating system features of DCS-7148SX-F switch manual. Along with these, access to Linux tools is a brilliant addition to the DCS-7148SX-F feature list. Predominantly, all of the above mentioned features are customizable as per individual customer need.


Health monitoring and self-healing feature is a unique addition to this DCS-7148SX-F user manual. This saves the customer from unwelcomed interruptions and expenses. In-service-software upgrades (ISSU) and Fine-grained software modularity are two more features that speak for its reliability at its true sense.

Data Center Optimized Design:

The Optimized design of DCS-7148SX-F installation guide consists of 5 useful parts: N+ 1 redundant and hot-swappable fan, 1+1 redundant and hot-swappable power, redundant management ports, Front-to-rear or rear-to-front cooling and Hot or cold aisle port facing options.

Resilient Control Plane:

DCS-7148SX-F modules are developed with Dual-core x86 CPU, 2GB Flash, 2GB DRAM and User applications that can run in a VM.

EOS Specifications:

DCS-7148SX-F specification list says that all the Arista 7148SX switches runs on Arista EOS software. Network administrators find this specification of one single binary image supporting all the Arista products very helpful and convenient as this helps standardizing the operating system across all the switches in the data center simplifying network administration.

Key Features:

With all the above mentioned specifications, 3rd party application integration and ample memory for 3rd party applications are two DCS-7148SX-F specifications perfectly to be called the ‘cherry on the top’.


Control Plane Protection (CPP) is the most worth mentioning addition to the DCS-7148SX-F user manual. Along with that, with MAC Security, RADIUS and TACACS+ are three brothers of comprehensive security. ACLs using L2, L3, L4 fields’ security feature is also available with the DCS-7148SX-F switch.

Environmental Characteristics:

Operating Temperature, Storage Temperature, Relative Humidity and Operating Altitude of DCS-7148SX-F switch are respectively 0 to 40C, -40C to 70C, 5 to 95% and 0 to 10,000 ft.

Ordering Information:

Let’s know the DCS-7148SX-F switch ordering information first. DCS-7148SX-F switch will include Arista DCS-7148SX-F 48-port 10GbE switch (SFP+), 2xAC, 2xC13-C14 cords and front-to-rear fans.

Additional Information:

Within the network chain, Arista DCS-7148SX-F switch is added in multiple places like Blade Server Aggregation, HPC Cluster Interconnects, Cloud Networking Interconnects, Top-of-Rack Server Aggregation, Network Spine and Aggregation and Storage Access.


Technical specifications


Data Center Switch


10 GbE (SFP +)



1200 nsec

Dual-Core x86

2 GB

2 GB


2 (1+1 redundant)

5 (N+1 redundant)

760 W


50/60 Hz


Common misspellings:

Common misspellings: