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Description:   The Arista DCS-7050S-64 10/40G Data Center Switch contains 48 x SFP+, 4 x QSFP+ Ports, a 1.28 Terabits/second Throughput, and a Dual-Core x86 CPU. It also has a 4 Gb System Memory and 1 USB Port.

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About DCS-7050S-64

Product Overview

The DCS-7050S-64 is an Arista 7050 series center switch.  The Arista EOS software is the driving force of this switch. The design of this software enables a distinction between application logic and protocol processing.


It also has 49 SPF+ main ports. These ports all function at a speed of 10GbE . For forwarding with minimal losses, the DCS-7050S-64 has a Dynamic Buffer Allocation which enables it to allocate up to about 5 Megabyte of packet memory to just one slot.

Technical Specifications

The DCS-7050S-64 has Quality of Service (QoS) features  which allow synchronization and prioritized bandwith allocation. It is able to do this by allowing up to 8 queues which are strictly prioritized for each port. Its handling of information is based on the 802.1 p classification with the Per- Priority Flow Control (PFC). The DCS-7050S-64 prevents an overload of the system courtesy of the Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN). It is also rate limiting and shows policing/ shaping of information.

The DCS-7050S-64 has a throughput of 1.28 Terabits per second and a forwarding rate of[PS1]  960 Mpps.

Power Supply

It requires an input voltage of 100- 240 AC (40 – 72 DC) at a frequency of 50 or 60 Hertz. The DCS-7050S-64 has 4 Hot swappable fans (n + 1 redundant) and 2 Hot-swap power supplies (N+ 4 redundant).

Additional Information

Monitoring and Provisioning in the DCS-7050S-64 is accomplished by a Zero Touch Provisioning, Advanced Event management Suite which consists of a CLI scheduler, an event monitor, manager and Linux tools. It also comprises an optional SSD for event logging and capturing of data. The DCS-7050S-64 also has the option of restoration and configuration from the USB.

The result of all this is that the DCS-7050S-64 allows for running of a wide range of applications, even from the network itself. These features also provide a means of ensuring that the entire system is always put in check and coordinated.  


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