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Description:   The Arista DCS-7050S-52-R 10/40G Data Center Switch contains 52xSFP+ Ports, a 1.04 Terabits/second Throughput, and a Dual-Core x86 CPU. It also has a 4 Gb System Memory and 1 USB Port.

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About DCS-7050S-52-R


Product Overview:

DCS-7050S-52-R is one of the most treasured switches of the Arista 7050 series for 52 SFP+ interface and 52 ports of 10GbE for a compact 1RU chassis. The latency in the cut-though mode ranges from 800 to 1200 ns, including a 9 MB packet buffer pool (shared) dynamically allocated to the congested ports. The power consumption of this DCS-7050S-52-R switch with twinax copper cables is surprisingly low; > 2 watts/port. The DCS-7050S-52-R specification includes an optional built-in SSD to support the quick data capturing, the advanced logging system, and few of the other specifications that are directly accessible through the switch.


This DCS-7050S-52-R smartnet 52x1/10GbE ports switches work with the pace of 1.28 terabits/second and 960 million packets per second. Wire speed of this DCS-7050S-52-R switch is L2 and L3 forwarding.

Data Center Optimized Design:

There are 3 prominent specifications that you will find in DCS-7050S-52-R user manual:

·         Fan: N+1 redundant & hot-swappable

·         Power: 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable

·         Cooling module: Front-to-rear or rear-to-front

Cloud Networking Components & Resilient Control Plane:

For DCS-7050S-52-R datasheet, here is a complete list of all the Cloud networking components as well as their narrow specifications:

·         Dynamic Buffer Allocation: 9MB

·         Routes: 16K IPv4

·         Routes: 8K IPv6

·         Entries: 128K MAC

·         Mroutes: 8K

·         Host Routes: 32K IPv4

·         DRAM: 4GB

·         User applications: compatible to run in a VM

·         CPU: Dual-core x86

·         Flash: 2GB

All Arista EOS switches, along with DCS-7050S-52-R parts, run with simplifying network administration.


High availability from both hardware and software prospective is a treasure of DCS-7050S-52-R installation. “1+1 hot-swappable power supply”, “Live software patching”, for redundancy and load balancing, 32-way ECMP routing and self healing software with (SFR) are 4 prime availability specifications of DCS-7050S-52-R switches.

Security Features:

DCS-7050S-52-R specification include many of high-tech security features including ACL Logging and Counters, MAC Security, Control Plane Protection (CPP), Ingress Egress ACLs using L2, L3, L4 fields, TACACS+, and DHCP Relay / Snooping and RADIUS.

Network Management:

The network management structure of all the Arista 7050S switches is specifically well-synchronized.  DCS-7050S-52-R specification includes ‘CloudVision Task-Oriented Multi-Device CLI’, ‘RS-232 Serial Console Port ’, ‘Management over IPv6’ and ‘Industry Standard CLI’ as 4 network management benchmark that is observed across the industry.

Technical Components:

DCS-7050S-52-R user manual includes 2 Gigabytes of Flash Memory Storage, 9MB (Dynamic Buffer Allocation) of Packet Buffer Memory and throughput pace of 1.04 Terabits/second. The Typical or Maximum Power Draw of DCS-7050S-52-R switches is 103 / 185W.

Power Supply Specifications:

DCS-7050S-52-R power supply specification shows 100-240AC and 40-72V DC as input voltage, 2.2-5.3A (AC) and 12.8-7.1A 11.3A at -48V (DC) as input current, 50/60Hz (AC) as Input Frequency and IEC 320-C13 (AC) and AWG #16-12 (DC) as Input Connector.

Additional Information:

DCS-7050S-52-R ordering information refers this as a 52xSFP+ switch with dual 460W AC power supplies and rear-to-front airflow.

Technical specifications:

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